Current information

Effective 2 June, our office at Jindrisska 7 will be closed

23 May 2019

Dear customers, on 2 June (Sunday), our ofiice in Jindrisska 7 will be closed due to technical reasons. Your money transfers can be realized on main post office in the same street. Thank you for your understanding.

Temporary closure of a branch in Libusska Str.

12 Apr 2019

Dear customers, due to the planned reconstruction of the Czech Post in Libušská 1/204 in Prague 4 (from April 15th to June 3rd), the branch will be temporarily closed and the Western Union service will not be provided for that period. Please realize your money transfers at one of the other branches in Prague 4. Thank you for your understanding.

WU service at Mifin in OD prior terminated

21 Dec 2018

Dear customers, our subagent Mifin in OD Prior in Ostrava no more provides WU service. You can send/receive your money on our any other WU locations in Ostrava.

CA Royaltour no longer provides WU service

1 Sep 2018

CA Royaltour in Ceska Lipa no longer provides Western Union Money Transfer service.

Ceska posta with new pricelists

31 Aug 2018

Effective 1st September 2018, new pricelists will be also available on Ceska Posta.